Red meat is one of the most appreciated dishes by Italians, one of the main dishes par excellence of our culinary tradition. Declined in different ways, in all its facets, however, universally requires an accompaniment of exception, or a good wine. But which one to match? A question whose answer can not be univocal, because historically our territory offers many wines. The premise is that the most recommended are the reds, but even some whites can be good choices.

What is certain is that the combination of wine is as important as the choice of meat itself: it must highlight it and not cover its taste. But let’s go in order: what are the characteristics that must have a good wine paired with red meat? The first peculiarity is undoubtedly the body. Take for example a lean red meat, as can be the pork loin cooked in the oven: in this case better to lean for a refined and soft wine such as Merlot or a Lambrusco di Modena. If instead we opt for a fatter red meat (sausages and steaks for example) better to combine with the dish a more structured red wine to counteract the accentuated flavor of the meat. Particularly indicated in this sense are: Brunello di Montalcino and Nero D’Avola.

The type of cooking of the meat is important for the choice of the wine, which according to will have to be younger or more dated. In the case of a little cooked or raw meat (rare meats), it is good that the wine is young and not necessarily red. The white wines with this type of meat are very well married: the Piedmontese Arneis and the Veneto Tocai are certainly two of the most indicated wines. In the case of very cooked meat, as it is braised, it is better to choose a more dated wine (Chianti, famous Tuscan wine, but also the Amarone Veronese).

If you are not preparing your dinner at home but have decided to go to the restaurant, you can safely ask the staff, who will surely tell you the best wines to match that particular type of meat. It is a non-trivial choice, certainly not simple: as you have seen, choosing a good wine paired with meat is essential to enjoy the dish at best.

Great, now you should be ready to prepare a succulent dish and at the same time accompany it with a wine that matches the situation. I recommend: do not skimp on the price of the bottle. Better to enjoy a luxury every now and then to drink (and eat) really well.