When it comes to cold meats we often ask ourselves: are they bad? Should we avoid eating them? These are legitimate questions, but the answer is very simple: no, cured meats are not bad. Of course, it also depends on the product we eat first of all: if it is a low quality salami, then we might have problems, otherwise not. And then the use made of it is also important, in the sense that it must not become an abuse!

The cured meats have been part of our gastronomic tradition for centuries: they are a food that appeals to millions of Italians, so it would be foolish to say they just hurt. We must always relativize, even and especially when it comes to cured meats: useless and even misleading to make speeches too general, because they are in effect the products that are absolutely important within our diet. They indeed contain basic nutrients, as well as all meat foods. Eliminating them does not make any sense: just consume them in the correct ways and quantities.

It is therefore good to debunk some negative myths regarding the consumption of cured meats. Let’s start with cholesterol: is it true that they contain a lot? No, if for example we compare the raw ham with prawns, or the turkey meat (with leather). And it is not even true that cold meats make you fat tout court: all foods, if consumed with too abundant portions, make you put on pounds. But for example a portion of stracchino or a savory brioche have more calories than a portion of mortadella or raw ham.

And what about vitamins and minerals? The cured meats have vitamin B12, and those who do not take must take supplements to avoid a deficiency, and zinc, which must be taken daily. And what about saturated fats? Lard certainly contains a greater dose, but salami, cooked and raw ham contain less cheese and milk chocolate. Other beliefs whose scope is certainly to be limited: the proteins of the cured meats are not nutritionally valid (which is not true, since the chemical index of cured meats is high and is comparable to that of other types of meat) and the salumi contain many additives and preservatives.

Finally, we often hear that sausages can not be consumed by everyone. This is too general a statement, and on the contrary it can be said that salami can be consumed by everyone. The truth is that many factors come into play, ranging from case to case, but one thing is certain: cold meats can become part of all diets, even those of people suffering from high blood pressure and must limit consumption of salt. Just do not overdo the portions, and that the chosen products are quality.